Redeemer Church is Coming Soon to Wichita, KS

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We’re here to make Mature multi-ethnic  Disciples of Jesus who love God, one another, and the world. 

Why are we planting a church in Wichita? 

We believe that church planting is one of the most effective ways to reach the unchurched, as well as create a culture where deep discipleship and multiethnic unity are central. Our hope is to be a multiethnic community that is deeply formed by the gospel in all areas of life.

Meet the pastors

Morgan Burns and Jon Gordon feel called to pastor a gospel centered, multi-ethnic church in Wichita.

Pastor Morgan Burns

“I am whole-heartedly committed to studying and preaching God’s Word and planting a multiethnic church. It is my heart for Redeemer to be a foretaste of the future promised in Revelation 7:9 of every nation, tribe, people, and tongue worshipping King Jesus together.”

Pastor Jon Gordon

“It is my hope that Redeemer could be a place where I counsel, help the post-Christian skeptic, and pursue the multiethnic reality for which Jesus’ kingdom aims.”

Together, we can make an impact.
Support Redeemer Church.

The churches we each call “home” today exist only because of those in the past who gave sacrificially for our sake. Today, we have the opportunity to do the same for the people of Wichita. Would you consider supporting us over the next three years?

Setup Recurring Giving.

  1. Make a profile on City Life’s website.
  2. You will receive an email from City Life Church within normal business hours.
  3. Set up an account
  4. Log in
  5. Click on the giving tab on the lefthand column.
  6. Choose designation from the drop-down menu: “Church Plant”
  7. Enter your giving amount
  8. Click the “CONTINUE” button to be directed to payment options
  9. Insert payment information and click “CONTINUE.”

One-Time Gift.

  1. Go to the giving website
  2. Choose designation from the drop-down menu: “Church Plant”
  3. Enter your giving amount
  4. Click “NEXT” button to be directed to payment options
  5. Insert payment information and click “SUBMIT.”

Get more information.

To keep up to date on the progress of our church fill out the form below. Also, feel free to leave any comments and we’ll make sure to get right back to you.

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